World War 1 Centennial

Remembering World War I: A joint programming initiative throughout the month of November commemorating the World War I Centennial by the Thomasville-Thomas County Area History Consortium, a professional network of local museums, non-profits, & libraries.


The Thomasville – Thomas County Area History Consortium, made up of Thomasville’s local museums, non-profits, and libraries who focus on historical content, have joined together to commemorate the centennial of the United States’ entry into the first World War.  During the month of November each organization will mark the anniversary with educational programs and exhibitions related to their respective ties to the war.

Quote from Anne McCudden, Director of the Thomas County Historical Society. “We are really excited that this group of institutions has come together to cross promote the educational work that we all do.  Thomas County has a vested interest in its history and programs like these are just one way that we can all share our resources with the public”

The Thomas County Library will host two programs: 1) November 6th, the film showing, “Road to Glory”, and 2) November 9th, Thomas University Professor, Gale Whitehurst will present a program, The Influence of German Geography & United States’ Involvement in World War I. (Does the GA Humanities need to be acknowledged because of the grant for this program?)

The Thomas County Historical Society will share from their collection of photographs, artifacts, and stories Thomas County during the war.  Be sure to follow them @ #ThomasCoWWI.

Pebble Hill Plantation will mark the occasion with an exhibit of items from the Pebble Hill archives.  The diaries, letters, and photographs in the collection tell a story of the family’s experiences during this period in history. The exhibit will open October 1st.

Jack Hadley Black History Museum invites you to learn about the “Unknown Soldiers” who fought for so much more than the war at hand, and will highlight the known and also the many unknown African American soldiers of World War I from Thomas and Grady counties who were unjustly treated by the United States military.

The City of Thomasville will recognize the centennial on November 10th with the annual Veterans Day parade.

The Metcalf Heritage Society will host a Photograph and Memorabilia Exhibition, November 18th and 19th.  The Society’s November 19th fall meeting will feature a World War I exhibit, a short overview of World War I, and music from the period.

  • On Veterans Day the following organizations will offer free admission to veterans:
  • Jack Hadley Black History Museum, Pebble Hill Plantation, and the Thomas County Historical Society.

For more information please contact Anne McCudden, Thomas County Historical Society,, (229) 226-7664.