Thomasville: History, Homes & Southern Hospitality

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Thomasville: History, Homes & Southern Hospitality

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Thomasville and Thomas County continue the traditions born and developed in the aftermath of a terrible war. The broad cotton fields of the past have been transformed into beautiful quail habitats and innovative timber plantations. The indigenous longleaf pines that once dominated southern coastal forests have been successfully reintroduced and managed on a grand scale.

In the countryside, magnificent antebellum planters’ homes have been restored to their former glory, but they also share distinction with more modern designs developed by architects from the hometowns of their northern patrons. In town, classical homes from the 1850s stand proudly in an eclectic streetscape with their Victorian and Neoclassical neighbors. On Gordon Avenue, a world-class hospital serves regional patients as the fragrant aromas from baking bread at Flowers Foods mixes with those of magnolia blossoms and pine resin.

Through the efforts of the Thomas County Historical Society and Thomasville Landmarks, Thomasville has become recognized as a leader in state and national preservation efforts. The publication of Thomasville: History, Homes, and Southern Hospitality is a landmark event in the ongoing effort to document, restore, and preserve the historic and historical environments of a unique southern town. Written by William R. Mitchell, with photography by Van J. Martin & Jim Lockhart, and foreword by Gil Schafer, III, this volume celebrates the fascinating history and architecture of Thomasville and Thomas County. The photographers brilliant full-color images feature interiors of 51 local homes and more than 100 exteriors.

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