The archives of the Thomas County Historical Society are open for research by the public.

No appointment is nessesary, although it is recommended to call in advance with your topic of research and when you plan to arrive so we can have materials prepared for you when you arrive.

Our collection includes letters, diaries, notes, published books, unpublished manuscripts, maps, surveys, blueprints, theses, dissertations, statements, ledgers, directories, annuals, newspapers, magazines, wills, bibles, balance sheets, interviews, and every other type of personal, institutional, or business document a researcher might need to discover new insights into Thomas County history.

We also have dozens of historic videos and in excess of 300,000 images in our collection.  A small amount of our image collection is available on our website gallery.  A much larger selection of images are available on our Facebook page.

Research at the Thomas County Historical Society is intended to be done in person, by the researcher.  If you have a short, simple question, you can email and if we can answer it, we will.  If you need to hire a contract researcher, please email your needs to for a schedule of fees.

Click here to search the large Hopkins Collection of the Thomas County Historical Society.

Click here to view our online .pdf documents.

Thank you for your patronage and good luck with your research!