Make History at the Museum!

Join us for a morning of exploration, creativity, and fun at the Thomas County Museum of History and Lapham-Patterson House!  These family drop-in programs will engage your creativity and curiosity while exploring our community’s past.  Inspired by our popular summer camp programs, Make History at the Museum activities are hands-on and history-based.

Salute to Spring! Vernal Equinox at the Lapham-Patterson House


Flowers are blooming, days are longer, and it’s time for a celebration! All ages are invited to join us at the Lapham-Patterson House for a special weekday edition of Make History!  Monday, March 20th for A Salute to SpringMarch 20 is the vernal equinox, a day marking the start of spring and a day in which there are equal day and night hours.  On this day each year, a unique phenomenon occurs on the third floor of the Lapham-Patterson House.  Science, history, and creativity collide for a unique celebration of spring’s arrival.  To view nature’s trick of light and shadow, please visit the Lapham-Patterson House between 2:30pm and 5:30pm.

The peak viewing hour for the “Equinox Effect” is 3:30-4:30pm. In addition to viewing the light show, the event will include crafts and activities based on the science of the equinox.  Explore the wonders of the equinox and the powers of light through experiments and activities found in places you would least expect.  Together, we will attempt an experiment that tests the boundaries of science and gravity-perhaps possible only on this day each year. We will also discover the relationship between color and light through the design of your own stained glass window, like those found in the Lapham-Patterson House.   This event is presented at no charge and all are welcome.  The Lapham-Patterson House is located at 626 N. Dawson St.

This event will only take place if it is a clear and sunny day.