Industrialization & Modernization Era 1920 – 1955

Archbold Memorial Hospital
Original Staff

Archbold Memorial Hospital Buildings

Douglass High School c.1930

Boy Scouts Troop 306
First Methodist Church c.1950

Broad Street and Jackson Street c.1940

Flowers Baking Co. Factory
Moller 1919


Eastside School 1950
Wertz Collection

Girl Scouts
Girl Scout Camp 1924

Rose Theater 1941

Halsey, William F.
WWII – United States Army Admiral
Hunting at Greenwood Plantation

Joseph Hampton Flowers

National Biscuit Company

Powell Candy Co. Factory
203 Oak St. 1937

Sherrod, Robert – Journalist

Thomasville Ice & Manufacturing Co. Truck c.1940

Watkins Barber Shop

Upchurch, William Worth – 1929

Zalumas, Andrew
Peanut Salesman – Corner of Broad and Jackson

Ainsworth, Dr. Harry