Victorian Thomasville Camp

Explore the art, music, games, and culture of Thomasville’s Victorian Era in Mr. Lapham’s Whimsy!

Formerly known as Victorian Thomasville Camp, Camp LPH, will explore the time period between the 1880’s when the Lapham-Patterson House was constructed, to the 1940’s, nearing the end of the Patterson family’s occupation of the house.  This means we can dig deeper into the house, its history, and its families. Camp LPH will still culminate in the campers’ construction and launch of hot air balloons to commemorate the c. 1886 launch of a hot air balloon over Thomasville.  Camp LPH, June 21-23, 2016. Fees: $75, Members, $100 Non-Members.  Includes all craft supplies and snack daily.