Enrich: Travelling History Trunks

Get Hands-On With History! 

Bring the Museum to your classroom with a Travel Trunk
What is a travel trunk?

A Travel Trunk is packed with reproduction artifacts, photographs, resource materials, and activities related to a specific theme.  These trunks contain comprehensive lesson plans that address Georgia Performance Standards in Social Studies, U.S. History, English & Language Arts, Math, Music, and Fine Arts.  Instructors from within Thomas County can reserve the Travel Trunk at no charge for a period of up to 2 weeks. The trunk is available year round.

Available Travel Trunks:

The Civil WarTravel Trunk Civil War TASF brochure

The Civil War Travel Trunk is currently undergoing an update! As we work to make our curriculum correlations more current and improve the design of the trunk materials, please contact our Educator to schedule an outreach program. Same primary sources, same hands-on experience, with the added bonus of a program facilitator! 

Our American Indian and World War II trunks are also deep in development. Stay tuned for details regarding their availability!

Love our travel trunk? Tell us what themes you would like to see in future trunks.  Download this Trunk Program Survey and return to the Museum of History.  We appreciate your thoughts!

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